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secure_feature_key option (deprecated)

Allows you to enable features for the connection that were secured using the -sf database option.

Allowed values



Empty string

  PUBLIC role For current user For other users
Allowed to set permanently? No No No
Allowed to set temporarily? Yes, with SET ANY PUBLIC OPTION Yes (current connection only) No

You can specify features that cannot be used by databases running on a server by including the -sf database server option when you start the database server. The -sk server option lets you specify a key that can be used to re-enable all secured (disabled) features for a connection and gives that connection permission to change the features that are secured for all databases running on the database server. When you set the value of the secure_feature_key temporary option to the value specified by -sk when the database server was started, then all features are re-enabled for that database connection, and on that connection you can use the sa_server_option system procedure to control access to database features.

If the secure_feature_key option is set to any value other than the one specified by the -sk database server option, no error is given, and the features specified by -sf database server option remain disabled for the connection.


The following command starts a database server named secure_server with access to the request log and all remote data access features disabled. The key specified by the -sk option can be used later to enable these features for a specific database connection.

dbsrv17 -n secure_server -sf request_log,remote -sk j978kls12 testdb.db

Setting the secure_feature_key option to the value specified by -sk for a database running on the secure_server database server enables access to the request log and remote data access features for that connection:

SET TEMPORARY OPTION secure_feature_key = 'j978kls12';