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Upgrading a consolidated database (Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP IQ, Oracle, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server)

Run upgrade scripts to install new system objects before using the new MobiLink server with an existing consolidated database.


You must be the owner of the currently installed MobiLink system tables to run the setup scripts.

For ASE, the MobiLink server login ID must have a SELECT privilege on MASTER..SYSTRANSACTIONS.

For SAP IQ, the EXECUTE permission on SP_IQTRANSACTION is required by MobiLink server to use snapshot isolation for download.

For Oracle, the RDBMS user that the MobiLink server uses to connect to the consolidated database must be able to use the MobiLink system tables, procedures, and so on, without any qualifiers (for example, SELECT * from ml_user). The RDBMS user must also have SELECT privilege on GV$TRANSACTION, GV$SESSION, GV$LOCK, and DBA_OBJECTS, and EXECUTE privileges on DBMS_UTILITY. You cannot grant permission directly for the GV$TRANSACTION, GV$SESSION and GV$LOCK synonyms; you must instead grant permission on the underlying GV_$TRANSACTION, GV_$SESSION, and GV_$LOCK dynamic performance views. You must connect as SYS to grant this access.

For Microsoft SQL Server, the RDBMS user that the MobiLink server uses to connect to the consolidated database must have permission to VIEW SERVER STATE, permission to SELECT from SYS.DATABASES, and permission to SELECT from SYS.DM_TRAN_LOCKS and SYS.PARTITIONS, SYS.SYSPROCESSES.


Only upgrade the MobiLink system objects in your Adaptive Server Enterprise, Oracle, MySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server consolidated database if your previous version of the MobiLink server is earlier than version 17.0.

You can also use the following methods to update the MobiLink system setup:

  • In the MobiLink plug-in for SQL Central, click Start of the navigation path MobiLink 17 Next navigation step Project Next navigation step Consolidated Databases End of the navigation path and right-click the database name and click Check MobiLink System Setup. If your database requires setup or upgrading, you are prompted to continue.

  • When you use the Deploy Synchronization Model Wizard, system setup is checked when you connect to your consolidated database. If your database requires setup or upgrading, you are prompted to continue.


  1. For Adaptive Server Enterprise databases, set the SELECT INTO database option. Execute the following statement in Interactive SQL:
    USE master
    sp_dboption your-database-name, "SELECT INTO", true
    USE your-database-name
  2. Run the appropriate upgrade script for the version you are upgrading from.

    The upgrade scripts are called upgrade_XXX.sql, where XXX indicates the RDBMS of your consolidated database. They are located under your SQL Anywhere installation in MobiLink\upgrade\version, where version is the MobiLink version you are upgrading from.

    For example, to upgrade a Microsoft SQL Server database on which the MobiLink system tables from version 9.0.2 have been applied, run the following command:

    osql -S server_name -U user_name -P password -i
    "C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\MobiLink\upgrade\9.0.2\upgrade_mss.sql"


The consolidated database can now be used with the new MobiLink server.