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sa_db_option system procedure

Overrides a database option while the database is running.

, val 
  • opt

    Use this CHAR(128) parameter to specify a database option name.

  • val

    Use this LONG VARCHAR parameter to specify the new value for the database option.


Database administrators can use this procedure to override some database options temporarily, without restarting the database.

The option values that are changed using this procedure are reset to their default values when the database shuts down. To change an option value every time the database is started, specify the corresponding database option when the database is started (if one exists).

The following option settings can be changed:

Option name Values System privilege Additional information

When DiskSandbox is set to ON, it restricts read-write file operations on the database to the directory where the main database file is located and any subdirectories of this directory. To use the sa_db_option system procedure to change disk sandbox settings, you must provide the secured feature key for the manage_disk_sandbox feature.

PropertyHistoryList comma-delimited list of database server properties MANAGE PROPERTY HISTORY

When PropertyHistoryList is turned on, a default list of properties is selected. You can specify a comma-delimited list of database server properties to track. The default is an empty list.

If this option is not set then only properties tracked by the database server or by other databases on the same database server can be queried.

If the memory required to track all specified properties is greater than the limit set by the PropertyHistorySize database server option or by the available memory, then an error is raised and the property list is not modified for the database.

CollectStmtPerfStats ON, OFF MONITOR

When CollectStmtPerfStats is set to ON, it collects statement performance summary information. When it is set to OFF, it stops data collection and discards data that has been collected.


You must have EXECUTE privilege on the system procedure, as well as the SERVER OPERATOR system privilege.

Side effects



For the following example to work, the database server must be started with the option -sk securefkey.

This example enables the SYSTEM secured feature key that includes MANAGE_KEYS, creates a new secured feature key called SECURITY with case-sensitive authorization code NewSecurityCode, and then uses the new secured feature key to enable the DiskSandbox option.

CALL sp_use_secure_feature_key( 'system', 'securefkey' );
CALL sp_create_secure_feature_key( 'security', 'NewSecurityCode', 'manage_security' );
CALL sp_use_secure_feature_key( 'security', 'NewSecurityCode' );
CALL sa_db_option( 'DiskSandbox', 'on' );