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MobiLink SQL Anywhere client extended options

Extended options can be specified on the dbmlsync command line using the -e or -eu options, or they can be stored in the database.

You store extended options in the database by using SQL Central, by using the sp_hook_dbmlsync_set_extended_options event hook, or by using the OPTION clause in any of the following statements:





  • CREATE SYNCHRONIZATION SUBSCRIPTION without specifying a synchronization user (which associates extended options with a publication)

Summary of dbmlsync extended options

Following is a list of the dbmlsync extended options.

Option Description
BufferDownload={ON | OFF}; ... Specifies whether the entire download from the MobiLink server should be read into the cache before applying it to the remote database.
CommunicationAddress= protocol-option; ... Specifies network protocol options for connecting to the MobiLink server.
CommunicationType= network-protocol; ... Specifies the type of network protocol to use for connecting to the MobiLink server.
ConflictRetries= number; ... Specifies the number of retries if the download fails because of conflicts.
ContinueDownload={ ON | OFF }; ... Restarts a previously failed download.
DisablePolling={ON | OFF}; ... Disables automatic logscan polling.
DownloadOnly={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that synchronization should be download-only.
DownloadReadSize= number[ K ]; ... For restartable downloads, specifies the maximum amount of data that may need to be re-sent after a communications failure.
ErrorLogSendLimit= number[ K | M ]; ... Specifies how much of the remote message log file dbmlsync should send to the server when synchronization error occurs.
FireTriggers={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that triggers should be fired on the remote database when the download is applied.
HoverRescanThreshold= number[ K | M ]; ... When you are using scheduling, this limits the amount of discarded memory that is allowed to accumulate before a rescan is performed.
IgnoreHookErrors={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that errors that occur in hook functions should be ignored.
IgnoreScheduling={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that the Schedule extended option should be ignored.
Increment= number[ K | M ]; ... Enables incremental uploads and controls the size of upload increments.
LockTables={ ON | OFF | SHARE | EXCLUSIVE }; ... Specifies that tables in the publications being synchronized should be locked before synchronizing.
MirrorLogDirectory= dir; ... Specifies the location of old transaction log mirror files so that they can be deleted.
MobiLinkPwd= password; ... Specifies the MobiLink password.
NewMobiLinkPwd= new-password; ... Specifies a new MobiLink password.
NoSyncOnStartup={ on | off }; ... Prevents dbmlsync from synchronizing on startup when a scheduling option would otherwise cause that to happen.
OfflineDirectory= path; ... Specifies the path containing offline transaction logs.
PollingPeriod= number[S | M | H | D ]; ... Specifies the logscan polling period.
Schedule= schedule; ... Specifies a schedule for synchronization.
ScriptVersion= version-name; ... Specifies a script version.
SendDownloadAck={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that a download acknowledgement should be sent from the client to the server.
SendTriggers={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that trigger actions should be sent on upload.
TableOrder= tables; ... Specifies the order of tables in the upload.
TableOrderChecking={ OFF | ON }; ... Lets you disable referential integrity checking on the table order specified by the TableOrder extended option.
UploadOnly={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that synchronization should only include an upload.
Verbose={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies full verbosity.
VerboseHooks={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that messages related to hook scripts should be logged.
VerboseMin={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that a small amount of information should be logged.
VerboseOptions={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that information should be logged about the command line options (including extended options) that you have specified.
VerboseRowCounts={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that the number of rows that are uploaded and downloaded should be logged.
VerboseRowValues={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that the values of rows that are uploaded and downloaded should be logged.
VerboseUpload={ ON | OFF }; ... Specifies that information about the upload steam should be logged.


The following dbmlsync command line illustrates how you can set extended options when you start dbmlsync:

dbmlsync -e "adr=host=localhost;dir=c:\db\logs"...

The following SQL statement illustrates how you can store extended options in the database:

   FOR mluser
   ADDRESS 'host=localhost'
   OPTION schedule='weekday@11:30am-12:30pm', dir='c:\db\logs'

The following dbmlsync command line opens the usage screen that lists options and their syntax:

dbmlsync -l