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SQL Anywhere 17 » MobiLink and SAP HANA Remote Data Sync - Client Administration » SQL Anywhere clients for MobiLink » MobiLink SQL Anywhere client utility (dbmlsync) syntax

-ts dbmlsync option

Sets up a MobiLink client tracing session.

dbmlsync -ts session-name(session-option=option-value[;...])

The session name must be logging.

Session option Option value
events Comma separated list of system trace events. The supported events are Info, Warning, and Error.

target-type ( target-option = value [;...]) where target-type can only be file.

The target options are specified as name-value pairs. The target file can have the following options:

Target option name Expected value Description
filename_prefix String An ETD file name prefix with or without a path. All ETD files have the extension .etd. This parameter is required.
max_size Integer The maximum size of the file in bytes. The default is 0, which means there is no limit on the file size and it grows as long as disk space is available. Once the specified size is reached, a new file is started.
num_files Integer The number of files where event tracing information is written, and it is used only if max_size is set. If all the files reach the maximum specified size, the MobiLink client starts overwriting the oldest file.
flush_on_write yes, true, no, false A value that controls whether disk buffers are flushed for each event that is logged. The values yes, true, no, and false are accepted. The default is false. When this parameter is turned on, the performance of the MobiLink client may be reduced if many trace events are being logged.
compressed yes, true, no, false A value that controls compression of the ETD file to conserve disk space. The default is false.

All information specified after the -ts logging portion of the option must be specified without any spaces.

You can retrieve data contained in the ETD file using either the Event Trace Data (ETD) File management utility (dbmanageetd) or the sp_read_etd system procedure.


Following is an example of the -ts option:

-ts logging(events=Info,warning,Error;targets=file(filename_prefix=mls_etd;max_size=10000000;num_files=10;flush_on_write=true))