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ml_add_java_table_script system procedure

Register or unregister a Java method as the script for a table event.

ml_add_java_table_script ( 
Syntax Description

VARCHAR(128). The version name.


VARCHAR(128). The table name.


VARCHAR(128). The event name.


TEXT. The script content. For Adaptive Server Enterprise, this parameter is VARCHAR(16384). For IBM DB2 LUW, this parameter is VARCHAR(4000). For Oracle, this parameter is CLOB.


To unregister a method, set the script content parameter to null.

The script value is a public method in a class in the MobiLink server classpath (for example, MyClass.MyMethod).

When you call ml_add_java_table_script, the method is associated with the table, event, and script version that you specify. If the version name is new, it is automatically inserted into the ml_version table.

This procedure can only be used with non-data table scripts. All table row data must be handled using direct row handling, via the handle_UploadData and handle_DownloadData connection events. To register these data scripts, use the ml_add_dnet_connection_script procedure.


The following example registers the empDownloadCursor method of the CustEmpScripts class for the download_cursor event for the table emp.

call ml_add_java_table_script( 'ver1', 'emp',
'download_cursor','CustEmpScripts.empDownloadCursor' )