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SQL Anywhere 17 » UltraLite - Database Management and Developer Guide » UltraLite database reference » UltraLite connection parameters

UltraLite DBF connection parameter

Specify the path and file name for an UltraLite database.

Use this connection parameter to specify the path and file name for a new database file or when connecting to an existing database file.

  1. On connect, look to see if the database is already running. If DBN is specified, look for a matching database and connect if found, proceed to auto-start if not.

  2. If DBF is specified, look for a matching database (identical filename) and connect if found, proceed to auto-start if not.

  3. If neither DBN nor DBF is specified, and a single database is running, connect to it.

  4. A database is auto-started when required if DBF is specified. If DBN is also specified, it becomes the name of the running database, otherwise a name is generated from the base filename.


If you are connecting to multiple databases on different devices from a single connection string, you can use the following parameters to name platform-specific alternates:

  • desktop:DBF
  • device:DBF

If specified, these platform-specific connection parameters take precedence over DBF.

The value of DBF must meet the file name requirements for the platform.

  • Windows Mobile

    If you are deploying to a Windows Mobile device, UltraLite administration tools running on the Windows desktop can connect to an UltraLite database on an attached Windows Mobile device. To identify a file on a Windows Mobile device, you must specify the required absolute path, and use the wce: file prefix.

    You cannot use the wce: file prefix in an application running on the Windows Mobile device.

Any leading or trailing spaces in parameter values are ignored. The value cannot include leading single quotes, leading double quotes, or semicolons.


To connect to the database, MyULdb.udb, installed in the desktop directory c:\Databases, use the following connection string:


Note that this file path is Windows desktop-specific and not appropriate for a mobile device.

The following example illustrates how to connect from an application to the MyULdb.udb database using platform-specific file paths:


When the application is running on the desktop platform, the desktop:DBF connection parameter is used. When the application is running on the mobile device, the device:DBF connection parameter is used.

To connect from the desktop (using an administration tool) to the MyULdb.udb database that is deployed to the Documents folder of the attached Windows Mobile device, use the following connection string:


Connections to databases on mobile devices from the desktop is supported for Windows/Windows Mobile only.