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UltraLite precision creation option

Specify the maximum number of digits in decimal point arithmetic results.

Allowed values

Integer, between 1 and 127, inclusive




For Android devices, you can use Connection.setOption(OPTION_PRECISION, value) as an alternative to setting this creation option.

The position of the decimal point is determined by the precision and the scale of the number: precision is the total number of digits to the left and right of the decimal point; scale is the minimum number of digits after the decimal point when an arithmetic result is truncated to the maximum precision.

Choosing an appropriate decimal point position is typically determined by:

  • The type of arithmetic procedures you perform

    Multiplication, division, addition, subtraction, and aggregate functions can all have results that exceed the maximum precision.

    For example, when a DECIMAL(8,2) is multiplied with a DECIMAL(9,2), the result could require a DECIMAL(17,4). If precision is 15, only 15 digits are kept in the result. If scale is 4, the result is a DECIMAL(15,4). If scale is 2, the result is a DECIMAL(15,2). In both cases, there is a possibility of an overflow error.

  • The relationship between scale and precision values

    The scale sets the number of digits in the fractional part of the number, and cannot be negative or greater than the precision.

You cannot change the precision of an existing database. Instead, you must create a new database.

If you are using an Oracle database as the consolidated database, all UltraLite remotes and the Oracle consolidated database must have the same precision value.

From SQL Central, you can set the precision in any wizard that creates a database. On the New database creation parameters page, click the Precision option.

From a client application, set this option as one of the creation options for the CreateDatabase method on the DatabaseManager/ULDatabaseManager class.