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SQL Anywhere 17 » UltraLite - Database Management and Developer Guide » UltraLite database reference » UltraLite connection parameters

UltraLite PWD connection parameter

When creating a new UltraLite database, this connection parameter sets the password for the default user.

When connecting to an existing database, it defines the password for a user ID that is used for authentication.

For Android devices, you can use Configuration.setPassword as an alternative to setting this connection parameter.


If you do not set both the UID and PWD, UltraLite opens connections with UID=DBA and PWD=sql.


Every user of a database has a password. UltraLite supports up to four user ID/password combinations.

You can set passwords to NULL or an empty string.

A random 4-byte salt value is generated when a new user is created or an existing user changes their password. The salt value is appended to the user's password when calculating the password hash and is stored in the database along with the hash. Salting significantly decreases vulnerability to dictionary attacks and also ensures that users with the same password will have different password hashes.

This connection parameter is not encrypted. However, UltraLite hashes the password before saving it, so you can only modify a password using SQL Central.


The following partial connection string supplies the user ID DBA and password sql:


The following partial connection string supplies the user ID DBA and an empty password: