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Creates or replaces an UltraLite synchronization profile.

CREATE [OR REPLACE] SYNCHRONIZATION PROFILE sync-profile-name sync-option [;...]
sync-option :
sync-option-name = sync-option-value
sync-option-name : string
sync-option-value : string
  • OR REPLACE clause

    If the named synchronization profile already exists, then it will be replaced. If the profile does not exist, it will be created.

  • sync-profile-name

    The name of the synchronization profile.

  • sync-option

    A string of one or more synchronization option value pairs, separated by semicolons. For example, 'option1=value1;option2=value2'.

  • sync-option-name

    The name of the synchronization profile option.

  • sync-option-value

    The value for the synchronization profile option.


Synchronization profiles define how an UltraLite database synchronizes with the MobiLink server.

You can use the REPLACE clause to make changes to an existing synchronization profile. This clause replaces the contents of the synchronization profile with whatever is contained in the new sync-option string. This approach is the same as dropping the synchronization profile and then creating one with the same name but using the new string. Therefore, a synchronization profile does not need to contain a full synchronization definition because parameters can be merged in or overridden at synchronization time.

The STREAM synchronization profile option is different from the other options because its value contains a sub-list. For example: 'STREAM=TCPIP{host=;port=1234}'. In this case 'host=;port=1234' is the sub-list. To add or remove a sub-list value, use a period between the STREAM sync-option-name and the sub-option-name. For example, MERGE 'stream.port=5678;;compression=zlib' results in a synchronization profile of: stream=TCPIP{port=5678;compression=zlib}. Attempting to set the stream to a new value will replace the entire stream value. For example: MERGE 'stream=HTTPS' results in a synchronization profile of: stream=HTTPS{}.

Side effects



The following creates a synchronization profile called Test1.

CREATE SYNCHRONIZATION PROFILE Test1 'MobiLinkUid=mary;Stream=TCPIP{host=;port=1234}'