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SQL Anywhere 17 » UltraLite - Database Management and Developer Guide » UltraLite SQL reference » UltraLite SQL statements

DROP INDEX statement [UltraLite]

Deletes an index.

DROP INDEX[ IF EXISTS ] [ table-name.]index-name

You cannot drop the primary index of a table.

UltraLite does not process requests or queries referencing the index while the DROP INDEX statement is being processed. Furthermore, you cannot execute DROP INDEX when the database includes active queries or uncommitted transactions.

Use the IF EXISTS clause if you do not want an error returned when the DROP INDEX statement attempts to remove an index that does not exist.

When you specify the IF EXISTS clause and the named table cannot be located, an error is returned.

For UltraLite.NET users: You cannot execute this statement unless you also call the ULBulkCopy.Dispose method for all data objects (for example, ULDataReader).

Statements are not released if database schema changes are initiated at the same time.


The following statement deletes a fictitious index, fin_codes_idx, on the FinancialData table:

DROP INDEX FinancialData.fin_codes_idx